Management Committee

The Fonds de garantie des dépôts Luxembourg (FGDL, Luxembourg Deposit Guarantee Fund), is operated by a Management Committee composed of the following members:



Claude WAMPACH                         

Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), Director in charge of the department referred to in Article 12-15 of the Law of 23 December 1998 establishing the CSSF, as amended


Isabelle GOUBIN

Ministry of Finance, Director of the Treasury


Banque centrale du Luxembourg, Director General


Luxembourg Bankers' Association (ABBL), Chief Executive Officer


Premier conseiller at the Court of appeal

as at 01.01.2019 


The Management Committee is assisted by a CSSF department which performs the operational tasks of the FGDL.

The missions which, pursuant to Directive 2014/49/EU, must be assigned to the designated authority, i.e. the body in charge of administering the deposit guarantee scheme, are carried out by the CPDI. The CPDI is a new internal body of the CSSF. As regards these missions as well as the judicial and extra-judicial representation relating to these missions, the CPDI will be the higher executive authority of the CSSF.

In order to facilitate decision-making, to ensure efficient exchange of information and cooperation between the FGDL and the CPDI and to ensure swift repayment of depositors, the members of the CPDI are also the members of the FGDL's Management Committee.