Fiche d'information
Depositor information sheet send by your bank

Once a year, Luxembourg banks must provide their customers with a leaflet describing the officially recognised Luxembourg deposit guarantee scheme. Said obligation derives from Article 185(6) of the Law of 18 December 2015 on the failure of credit institutions and certain investment firms, as amended.

This letter informs you that your deposit insurer is the FGDL, an établissement public (public body) whose mission is to repay deposits under the legal conditions following the failure of a Luxembourg bank. The FGDL is a distinct and separate entity from your bank and has access to your client files only in the event of your bank’s bankruptcy. The FGDL does not exchange any data about you with your bank and does not transmit information to your banker under normal circumstances.

The content and format of the depositor information sheet are set by Luxembourg legislation in the ambit of the European harmonisation of deposit guarantee schemes. The letter indicates the amount of the deposit guarantee, the application to different accounts held by the same holder, the deadline for compensation, as well as the contact details of the FGDL. The sending of this letter is not related to any change in the level of protection of your deposits or to a change in the situation of your bank. Nor is it an offer of credit.

The letter is simply legal information to which you do not need to take action. It is therefore not necessary to reply to your bank or contact the FGDL after having received this standard information mailing.

If you have any questions about your banking details (e.g. change of address, closure of your account, etc.) please contact your bank advisor directly.